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Chapter 8

      After Julian's birth in April or 1963, Cynthia used up the rest of the month dedicated to the care of Julian, bonding and nourishing. The next month, Cynthia got a job as an assistant manager at a drug store while Lillian looked after Julian. The pay managed the three of them to get by and pay the bills. However, a couple of months later, the drug store ran out of business and Cynthia was left no job. Lillian decided that Cynthia should be with her child more and went out to look for a job herself. She decided to clean other people's houses. Once again, the pay was manageable for the three of them to get by and pay the bills. Cynthia would occasionally look after the neighborhood's children to help out. By January of 1964, Lillian, Cynthia, and Julian were on a day-to-day routine.
      At the end of January, the Canadian radio airwaves started to play Beatles' music and an announcement that the Beatles were coming to the United States for their first American visit, starting in New York. Cynthia kept in contact with Phyllis, who told her all about the Beatles' success, however, she barely keeps in touch with John anymore. Phyl told Cynthia that she does see Mimi time to time and will have a conversation with her, however, Phyl managed to keep Cynthia's whereabouts a secret. During this time as well, Cynthia had an uneasy feeling that she should come forward to John about her whereabouts and to show off his son to him. After all, John is Julian's father. He does deserve to know what Julian looks like and all. Lillian objected, saying that Cynthia went through all this trouble just to get away from John. But Cynthia's mind was made up. She's going to make an effort to travel to New York with Julian and camp out with the Beatles' fan. If John sees her, fine. If not, that's fine too. She was very proud of the Beatles success and she's every day reminded of John by looking at her son, who's a splitting image.
      In early February, Cynthia reserve plane tickets and a hotel room for herself and Julian at the Plaza Hotel in New York City, New York. She found out later on the plane that the Beatles were to stay at the same hotel. Cynthia got really nervous, Could I be doing the right thing? Was my mother right? Cynthia swallowed her thoughts down, she's doing this for Julian's sake. It was a day before the Beatles were to arrive in New York. The police and the city men were getting ready for their guests, their rooms and limos were reserved and ready, their days spent in the United States were ready. The whole world was curious to see what the Beatles will bring into their lives. Cynthia and Julian were settled into their hotel room, a couple of floors down from where the Beatles were to stay at. Julian slept soundly while Cynthia lay up all night, imagining how the scene will be when she and John reunited for the first time in over a year and John will meet his son for the first time.
      The next morning, hysteria started. Cynthia was woken up by Julian's morning cry and she gave him a bottle that she bought along with her and then ordered room service for breakfast to feed themselves and got herself and Julian dressed for their big day. While waiting for their food, she turned on the television and watched the news…just in time to see the Beatles going off the plane at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City, New York. They are here?! Already?! Cynthia's heart started to pump faster then ever before. By the time the food arrived, Cynthia didn't feel hungry anymore, however Julian ate- he had nothing to worry about. By the time Julian finished his breakfast and Cynthia forced down her toast, the Beatles getting very close to the hotel. She heard screams from the fans. She took Julian and carried him to the lift which bought them to the lobby where she had thought of being so that John will quickly see them. The limo arrived and such chaos surrounded them. They were quickly ushered into the lobby and rushed to the lift. John never got a chance to look around and see the hotel's surroundings, which included a surprise for him. Cynthia both felt relieved and disappointed.
      By the time John and the crew were in the elevator and the door started to close, John saw a brown-hair woman carrying a short version of himself. Within a blink of an eye, he realized that it was Cynthia and his child. "Cyn!" he cried out just when the door slide shut.

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