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Chapter 9

      "Cyn!" John cried again to the now closed door. The others looked at him as if he was crazy. They could understand that John went through a rough year and all, but this is really crazy. John has been acting as if he keeps seeing Cynthia everywhere. "I swear that was her! She was carrying my baby!" John kept saying in the elevator up to their floor. "Stop this elevator! Stop this elevator!" But the elevator kept going up. Brian, Neil, and Mal looked worried and both Neil and Mal took hold of John's arms to strain him down so that he won't get too violent. "Let me go! Let me go! I want to see Cynthia and my baby!" John kept yelling, "I know it wasn't my imagination, I know I'm not crazy, just let me go!" Finally, the elevator arrived at their floor and Neil and Mal dragged John into the room and forced him to see down. But John wouldn't give up. Brian came over and sat down next to John, who was still being hold down by Mal and Neil. "John," Brian started, "are you sure you saw Cynthia?" "Of course I saw her! I know her when I see her!" John yelled. Brian didn't believe him, "John, you know that you've been 'seeing' her ever since she left you on your wedding day. There's no point of her to come back to you, do you understand? She's living her own life now that doesn't include you," Brian tried to explain. However, John refused to believe Brian, "What do you know? You didn't know Cyn well enough, you didn't talk to her, you didn't sleep with her, you didn't love her like I did and still do. You don't understand! I swear, I did see Cynthia! Her hair may be brown now, but I know it was her, I did know her first as a brunette and it was her! She was carrying a little child that looked exactly like me!" John said. Neil let go and Mal continued to hold John down. Brian turned to Neil and asked him to go to the lobby's front desk and ask if there's any occupant name Cynthia Powell and then check around the other hotels around the neighborhood. Neil did as Brian asked and went to the lobby.
      When the elevator door opened, Neil stepped out and glanced at the living area, and stopped short. There he saw a brown-hair Cynthia sitting on one of the posh chairs, settling down a little boy who was a die hard splitting image of John. Neil swallowed, John was right after all. Neil went over to where Cynthia was, "Cyn?" Cynthia jumped startled and realized that it was Neil. "Neil!" "So, it's really is you, John was right," Neil told her. Cynthia stood up, cradling Julian in her arms, "So, what's going on up there?" Neil took a deep breath, "John saw you and he's going crazy, he wants to see you and the baby right now, he wants to be with you…" Neil trailed off, he didn't know what to say next, he was shocked at the moment. All this time, he didn't believe John and now, John is right. Cynthia looked at her feet, obvious thinking if she should go up there with Neil and confront John. Neil was quiet, letting Cynthia collect her thoughts. Cynthia took a deep breath and said, "Let's go." Neil escorted Cynthia and the baby to the elevator. During the ride up, Cynthia introduced Neil to Julian. Neil smiled and told her that he looks exactly like John. "That's one of the reasons why I'm here," she explained. The elevator arrived at the floor and Neil lead Cynthia and Julian to the room. Outside, Cynthia, Julian, and Neil could hear John screaming "Let me go! I want to see Cynthia and my baby!". Cynthia stopped cold. Neil put his arm around her for comfort and opened the door. John turned his head and stopped yelling cold. Mal let go and followed John's glaze. Everyone else did the same. Brian, Paul, George, Mal, Ringo, and John couldn't believe their eyes. Neil was standing right at the doorway, with the missing Cynthia and Julian in tow.

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