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Chapter 7

      Eight months later, in April of 1963, Cynthia was settled in her new home in Canada with her mother. They lived next door to Cynthia's cousin's family and they have enjoyed many nights together. Her cousin even helped Cynthia decorate the baby's room and helped her along through her pregnancy, letting Cynthia change her baby's diapers and feedings so that Cynthia will get the hang of it once her own baby arrives. Cynthia kept in touch with Phyl very often, almost daily. Phyl has been telling Cynthia updates on the Beatles' status, but rarely gets to see them in person anymore; however, in pictures from newspapers indicated that John had something missing in his eye: a sparkle. A sparkle that Cynthia has put in his eye full of love and sunshine, only to disappeared when she suddenly took off and he didn't know where. Cynthia missed John desperately and often thought that she made a mistake, but one main thought took over- she did it for him, so that he could be free and not settle down too quickly.
      One day, Cynthia was shopping with her cousin and felt occasional pains. She was concerned but didn't really think too much about it, mostly thinking that it could be gas or the baby has settled on one of her organs. Later that night, Cynthia was sleeping in her room when she suddenly let out a yell. Her yell woke everyone in the house, including her self. She also found water coming out. She panicked, but her cousin and mother reassured her that her water broke and it was time to go to the hospital. Her cousin helped her get out of bed while Lillian found her suitcase and they rushed to the hospital.
      Meanwhile, it was after midnight and John was sound of sleep. He was dreaming of what he dreamt often: Cynthia and their baby. In his dreams, they felt real, he could even feel a gold wedding band on his finger (regardless of what Brian said about keeping their marriage a secret) and her own wedding band on her finger whenever he held her hand in his own. In this particular dream, they were sleeping when Cynthia suddenly woke up, complaining about the pains that kept coming and going. Then he felt some sort of wetness in the bed and told her that it was time to go to the hospital. They got Bill Corbett, one of the Beatles' chauffers to take them to the hospital. When they got there, a wheelchair was waiting and Cynthia was on her way to the delivery room. John was sent to the waiting room to fill out some forms and to wait on the news...
      Back in Canada, Cynthia was settled on her hospital bed, her cousin and mother came and went, along with the nurses and doctors. The contractions came and went, but soon, they came and won't seem to go away. A couple of hours later, the doctor came in and checked on her status. "It's time," he said, with an encouraging smile. A couple of other doctors came in, one of them offered their hand to her for support when she started to push. She pushed and pushed, feeling the baby coming out slowly. Then she heard the doctor telling her to stop, the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's neck. She began to worry, but then the doctor told her to push one more time and then, the baby was out! She heard a cry and she heard someone telling her that it was a boy, and then, during the commotion, she drifted off to her sleep. She was exhausted.
      In England, John was dreaming that he was in the waiting room at the hospital while Cynthia was in, having their baby. He waited what seemed like hours. He didn't even kept track on the time, his mind was racing. Then, an orderly came out and informed him that his wife had a baby and it was a boy. John overcame with joy and hugged the orderly. The orderly didn't feel weird that a new father was hugging him, it happens all the time. The orderly smiled and told John that he will be able to see Cynthia and the baby real soon until Cynthia is back from the delivery room. Another couple minutes past until another orderly came out and told him that it was fine to visit. John went to the nearby florists and bought Cynthia a red rose and a blue rattle for the baby and went to visit his wife and son. He came in and saw his wife holding their child. He smiled, feeling the tears of joy well up in him. His throat was choked up. He went over and kissed Cynthia on the lips and gave Cynthia her rose and put the rattle on the night stand next to her bed. She accepted the rose with one hand and asked John if he wanted to hold his son. John quickly agreed and took his baby into his arms. A nurse peeked her head in with a birth certificate, asking if they know what to name the baby. "John Charles Julian Lennon," John replied. They had already discussed what to name the baby beforehand. The nurse wrote it down and left. John turned back to his son and sat down on the chair, just looking at him. Cynthia lay back down on the bed and watched father and son bond.
      Cynthia woke up and found the nurse in her room holding the baby. "I thought maybe you'll want to hold your baby," the nurse told her. "Yes!" Cynthia exclaimed. The nurse carefully put her son into her arms and left the two alone. Cynthia looked at her son over, five fingers, five toes, a little nose, a little mouth, two eyes, he looks so much like his daddy... Cynthia kept thinking the last part over and over, that her son looks so much like his daddy. It's a shame that John will probably never get to meet his son, he was beautiful. The nurse came in with a birth certificate and asked Cynthia if she had decided on a name. "Yes, it's John Charles Julian Lennon," said Cynthia. She had decided on the names beforehand, John after his father, Charles after her father, and Julian after his paternal grandmother, thinking that John would want his son named that way. The nurse scribbled away and left the two alone.
      John gave Julian back to Cynthia and turned to see the clock. It was getting close to the afternoon and he should leave and get to the studio with the Beatles. When he turned back, Cynthia and Julian were gone. The room suddenly changed from a hospital room to a dark place where he wasn't familiar with. "NO!" yelled John. "John? John? Are you okay? Can you hear me?" George was kneeling over John, trying to wake him up. "No! No! Don't leave me, don't leave me!" John kept screaming, holding onto the pillow like it was his lifesaver. George ran out of the room to find Brian. Brian and George tried to get John up and succeeded. John woke up and realized that it was just a dream. He looked over at his left hand... no wedding ring was there. "What happened?" Brian asked. "I dreamt that Cynthia was here and she had our baby and then they suddenly disappeared. This should be around the time that Cynthia is to have our baby..." John trailed off, putting his hands into his head. He quietly asked Brian to leave and told George to go back to sleep. Once George started snoring, John crept out of bed and went to his suitcase and pulled out a gold wedding band that he bought to give to Cynthia on their wedding. She only saw it once when she went with him to buy it and tried it on. She's the one who chose it. He went back to bed with the ring and put it on his pinkie, drifting off to sleep.

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