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Chapter 6

      John was determined more than ever to find Cynthia. If anyone comes in his way, then they have hell to pay. He was only twenty-one years old, he's very strong-willed and has a head on his shoulders, knowing damn well what he wants and will always find a way to get it. He's fighting for the Beatles to reach the star and be 'bigger than Elvis' and now he wants to find his pregnant girlfriend so that he can marry her and protect her and be a proper father to his child that he never had himself.
      On one hand, after a meeting with George Martin and several discussions with George, Paul, and Brian, they all decided that they wanted Ringo to be their drummer instead of Pete and went along with it. Ringo joined the group a week before John was to get married. In September, they were due in London to start working on their first album. During the nights, the Beatles had gigs to do, but John had other things on his mind.
      Meanwhile, Cynthia arranged to board a boat to Canada. She had already spoke to her mother and arranged her living expenses. Cynthia and the baby are to move in with Lillian and once the baby is born, Cynthia will venture out to get a job while Lillian will look after the baby. While staying at Phyl's, Cynthia had to be very careful about her appearance, not to the public, but to John and to any of his friends and family. Phyl lived very close to Mimi and John in Woolton and Cynthia had to be very low key. She let her brown roots grow back in her hair, changed her style of clothing back to the secretary type after trying to dress like Bridget Bardot for John's pleasure, and try to hide her pregnancy, which was still easy to hide considering that she wasn't showing just yet.
      A week after Cynthia didn't get married like she was supposed to, Cynthia boarded the boat to Canada with Phyl's help. They hugged and said their good byes through their tears and marveled in amazement that no one have thought of checking at Phyl's to make sure Cynthia was there or not. Lillian has informed Cynthia that John did contact her to know where Cynthia was, but Lillian told him that she didn't know and was surprised and shocked about the whole thing, which was the truth (except for the part where she didn't know where Cynthia was). Phyl left Cynthia behind in order to go to work. Cynthia was stuck at the pier, her things have been settled in and she had some time to kill before sailing off into her new life. She decided to venture out to the magazine/newspaper stands to get something to keep her from getting bored on the boat. She had her sunglasses and a hat, wearing a dress and a simple suede coat, wearing a scarf around her hair, which was starting to turn to brown. She didnít even look like Cynthia, John's girlfriend. She looked different. While Cynthia was buying some magazines, she heard a commotion going on at one of the piers and turned around to see what was going on. There was a bunch of girls gathering around some people, asking for autographs and a picture taken. She was curious to see who it was and went over to take a peek. She realized that it was the Beatles and they were there to take some shots for photographer Dezo Hoffman. She quickly turned away, hoping that John or neither one of them had noticed her and decided to board the boat before it was too late. She managed to board safely and quietly, but watched the scene from the deck. She looked very closely at John's face. He was smiling, greeting fans, but she saw that he wasn't truly happy. In fact, he looked very miserable. For a brief moment, she thought of giving up on going to Canada and running into John's arms. But she stopped herself. If she did do that, she will receive John's wrath of anger and didn't want to be involved in a dramatic scene. After some time, a warning call was heard and a few minutes later, Cynthia was on her way to Canada, leaving Liverpool, England and her life behind for a new life.
      On the pier, John was faking his smile. He signed autographs and posed for pictures for fans and Dezo Hoffman, he laughed and made jokes, serving out his remarkable wit. However, deep down, John was in pain. He had decided early to swallow his pain and move on, just like he did after the deaths of his Uncle George, who treated him like his own son, and his mother, Julia. Now, he had to swallow his pain from Cynthia's leaving. He looked around like he was lost, he could see the similar faces in Brian, Paul, George, and Ringo, but that meant nothing. He looked around at other strangers, hoping that one was Cynthia. He looked closely into any girls' eyes to see any resemblence of his pregnant lover. He found none. At one point, he did see a girl standing at the magazine/newspaper stand, wearing a dress and a suede coat with a scarf around her dirty blonde hair, moving the exact movements of Cynthia's, watching her move closer to see what was going on from where he was standing. But suddenly she had quickly left. He watched her get on the boat and arrive on the deck, continuing to watch him and the others. Her face was just like Cynthia's. He felt his tears welling up inside of him, Could it be? But shook himself out of it. He thought of her too much that his imagination was pulling her image out in front of him. He quickly looked away to continue doing what he was doing. He heard a warning call for one of the boats to Canada, but ignored it. A few minutes later, he looked over to the boat again, watching it sail away, noticing that the girl was still up on the deck, still watching the scene. Could it be?

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