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Chapter 9

      In the next few days, Cynthia was bed-ridden. Roberto has been visiting her constantly, often spending the night with her on the other bed so that if she needed anything, he would be right there. He didn't dare make a move onto her, for he well knew that she was a married woman... married to one of the biggest musicians around. But between them, that one can not deny was the strong attraction between them. Roberto did not know that Cynthia and John were having problems, she kept it from him. However, when Roberto went downstairs to fetch the morning paper, he saw a photo of John Lennon with his Japanese artist girlfriend Yoko Ono, he realized why Cynthia was in so much pain after that mysterious Magic Alex told her some news that he didn't get to hear about. Roberto's heart went out to Cynthia. He came to her room and brought her the paper and watched her sick face expressed into a devastating blow.
      Cynthia now understood why John wanted her to go to Italy than to stay and travel to New York with him. He wanted her to be out of the way to be with Yoko and to break the news that he wanted a divorce. She also understood why he sent Magic Alex to tell her that he wanted a divorce. John did not want to do his dirty work, he never wanted to witness Cynthia's hurt in front of his eyes, especially if it was he who was hurting her. Cynthia was still speechless. She didn't know what to say, however, her throat wouldn't let her talk anyway. She gave the paper back to Roberto and signal him to leave. She wanted to be alone.
      A few days later, Cynthia was feeling much better. Her voice was back to normal and her energy level was uplifting. Cynthia packed her bags and said goodbye to Roberto before heading off to the airport to catch the next flight to England. A minute after she arrived at her mother's apartment, the door knocked and a man handed her an manila envelope with no explanation. After he left, she opened it and saw that John filed for divorce and full custody of Julian. She was more shock of why John filed for divorce: not for his adultery but for Cynthia's adultery by that one night stand with Magic Alex! She couldn't believe it! She thought that Magic Alex would've kept their little secret, but then again, she knew that John would've found out anyway, especially since Alex works for John and nothing could bypass John. Cynthia kept reading the divorce papers and more anger crept in her. According to the papers, John said that Cynthia left to Italy without his knowledge and attempt to take Julian away from him, she never called him or anything; she wanted to go to Italy to be with another lover she had met in 1966 when she was there. Cynthia was outrage, it wasn't true and she knew that John knew it. He was playing her to look like a fool to the public. Cynthia wasn't just going to stand for this and let John take her son away from her.
      She appointed her own lawyer, Trevor J. Manning, and told her side of the story, which was the truth. She requested phone records that were incoming to Weybridge and proved that she did, in fact, called John from Italy. Her lawyer called John's lawyer to arrange a meeting between themselves, John, and Cynthia to discuss the divorce proceedings. The meeting was made for the next day. John agreed to it and the meeting was to be held at Weybridge. John said that while Cynthia's there, she may move her belongings out. Cynthia said that she would do so, along with Julian's own belongings, since Julian will be under her care while the divorce is pending.
      The next day, her lawyer, Trevor, came to Lil's apartment. Cynthia had called Ringo and Maureen to ask her if she wouldn't mind looking after Julian while she was arranging her divorce. Ringo and Maureen gave permission and sent out a car to collect Julian. Lil, Cynthia, and Trevor took a taxi to Weybridge where they met with John, Yoko, and John's lawyer, Douglas C. Everan. Pete was there as well, he was just leaving. He greeted Cynthia with a smile and she smiled back, letting him know that she will not place him in involvement in the divorce. Pete was not too please with the divorce, he was fond of Cynthia, as everybody else were in John's circle, but all knew better and kept quiet. Pete left. The company settled in the library to discuss terms of the divorce. Trevor and Douglas lay out their papers and saw if each were correct and accurate. John and Yoko were cuddling on the couch, both dressing in black, looking like Siamese twins and John kept lighting cigarette after cigarette, the smoke filling up the room. Cynthia and Lil sat opposite of John and Yoko, Cynthia glared at John How can he do this to me?
      Ten minutes later, Trevor and Douglas turned to them and ask their respected clients if everything seemed okay with them. Cynthia gaped over the settlements; John was to gain sole custody once it's granted and she will be able to receive 1,000 in the settlement- no alimony. She couldn't believe her eyes!
      "Hold on here!" exclaimed Cynthia, "why am I getting 1,000? Don't you think I deserve a little more than that?"
      "And what did you do to deserve more than I'm offering?" asked John
      "What do I deserve? Have you forgotten all ready? I was your wife for six years, I raised our son... mostly BY MYSELF I might add, and I stood by you during the major crisis in your life, including when you claimed that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ! So yeah, you damn well know that I deserve more than a measly 1,000! And SOLE CUSTODY of Julian? Excuse me? I think I deserve a little more than that for Julian- after all, you weren't there when he first smiled, you weren't there when he said his first word, or when he crawled, walked, talked, went to his first day of school..."
      "SHUT UP CYN! SHUT UP!" screamed John, obviously Cynthia hit a nerve. Douglas and Trevor looked at each other. Yoko was taken outback by John's sudden scream. Cynthia clamed her mouth shut, but felt happiness in her veins, she stood up for herself and isn't willing to let John walk all over like that like a doormat. Lil put her arm around Cynthia to protect her. John glared at Cynthia but calmed down by taking deep breaths and Yoko ensured John.
      "Okay Cyn," John started, he looked over at his lawyer, "nevermind about the sole custody arrangement, give Cyn primary custody and me free access to Julian," he looked over to Cynthia, "there, happy?"
      Cynthia smiled, proud that at least she gets to keep her son. Both Douglas and Trevor pulled their pens out and scratched out sole custody under John's name and rewrote Cynthia as Julian's primary guardian and John as visitation rights. Now, to get John to agree to give me more money because 1,000 isn't going to help at all, thought Cynthia. Then Douglas asked to speak to John alone in another room. John agreed and followed, with Yoko in tow. Trevor shut the door behind them and spoke to Cynthia about more necessary agreement to the divorce term. She explained to him that she believes that 1,000 isn't enough, especially since she will need to use the money to buy her and Julian a home. Trevor agreed and then asked Cynthia how much she is willing to go on. She wasn't so sure, so Trevor decided to let her think about it and contact a real estate agent to find out.
      Half an hour later, Douglas, John, and Yoko came back in. Douglas gave Cynthia several documents to sign and she did so, signing away her shares of John's songs which she would've received if John died before she did and maintain John's name as a widow. Trevor requested more time for the divorce settlement since Cynthia did not know how much the settlement shall be once she taken care of a few things. The divorce had come as a surprise and she needed more time to think and arrange certain details that regard her future. Douglas understood and looked at John. John shrugged, he had hope to get this situation done with by that day, however he had no choice in the matter.
      "My daughter should be taken care of and treated better by you," Lil said to John
      John threw up his hands, he's giving Cynthia more time to work out the details... did Lil miss that? He had enough of her.
      "YOU GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! This is between Cynthia and myself, NOT YOU! And are you DEAF? I just agreed to give Cyn MORE TIME to WORK out the DETAILS for her PART of the DIVORCE! GET OUT! Cyn, next time we meet, DO NOT BRING YOUR BITCH OF A MOTHER!"
      Lil could not keep it in any longer, she was holding this in since the day she met John in her house in Hoylake ten years ago
      With that said, Lil stormed out before John could react. Cynthia gathered her and her mother's purses and followed her mother out to the car and went to Ringo and Maureen's to pick up Julian.

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