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Chapter 10

      A week later, Cynthia had contacted a real estate agent and gathered up all the information she needed to set up a home for herself and Julian. The end of the week another meeting was held between John, Cynthia, and the lawyers. The next meeting was to be held at Paul's home in London, England and this time, Lil did not attend, much to John's happiness. Instead she stayed behind at the apartment caring for Julian. Cynthia had her savings added up and a document of all the costs she will need to set up a home for Julian and herself. She wanted nothing else, she was finally getting away from all the fame and consequences that had been brought to her feet. She was sad to see some people go that were nice and friendly to her, however it was time to move on.
      Cynthia arrived at Paul's house early than anyone else. Paul greeted her and gave her a polite peck on the cheek.
      "Cyn, I just want you to know that I was always fond of you and I will always will," assured Paul
      Cynthia was touched. Paul was also in bout of a breakup himself. Jane called it quits on national television before it was even spoke between them. Like Cynthia, Jane had walked in on Paul with another woman. Cynthia understood Jane and silently cheered for her, but her heart went out to Paul as well, she kept her mouth shut and assured herself that Paul was just as her friend as Jane was to hers.
      Paul made some tea and gave a cup to Cynthia in the living room and sat with her to wait for more company. They did not speak, for there was too many thoughts in each minds, yet they enjoyed one's company. Five minutes later, Trevor and Douglas arrived, separately, and settled themselves down with documents and notepads. Trevor asked to speak to Cynthia alone, and asked her if she managed to work things out. She told him that she had and gave him her information and Trevor requested that she be quiet and let him do all the talking. Cynthia requested that she will not allow John to talk to her and Trevor agreed; if John had anything to say to Cynthia, it should go through Douglas then to Trevor, and if he believes that it's worth it, he'll pass it along to Cynthia. Cynthia agreed. Trevor and Cynthia went back to the living room and Trevor looked over Cynthia's research and added the information to his notepad. Minutes later, John and Yoko came in, giggling to themselves. Paul went upstairs, he did not any part of this at all. John and Yoko sat opposite of Trevor and Cynthia. Cynthia looked down at her hands, she could not bare to look at her husband with his mistress. Trevor started talking, explaining that Cynthia managed to work out any information that she needed to start a life for herself and her son. John looked over the details and then to his lawyer. He requested to speak to his lawyer alone and asked Yoko to make some tea.
      "But I don't know how to make English tea," explained Yoko
      "Well Yoko, it's like Japanese tea, you boil water and put tea bags in the cup," explained John, "Paul! Could you escort Yoko to your kitchen and show her around?"
      Paul came down and nodded, leading Yoko to his kitchen in silence.
      Once alone, John complained to Doug that he is not willing to give Cynthia any amount that is larger than 50,000. He will pay child support and Julian's education fees, but not anything to Cynthia. Douglas explained to him that Cynthia just needs a proper amount just to buy a little nice house for herself and Julian.
      "You don't want to see your son sleeping on a bed of dirt, do you?" Douglas asked, hoping that it will get through to John
      "He will have his own furniture," protested John
      "Yes, but you don't want him or his furniture in a small, weak closet do you? Does Julian deserve that kind of treatment? Especially from his father?"
      "Okay, okay, I'll give Cynthia what she wants, but only to buy the house, nothing else, no new furniture or shit like that- she could use the stuff in our home," said John, giving in.
      Douglas and John came in just when Yoko came in with a tray with tea.
      "Well, Cyn, it looks like you will..." John started
      "I'm sorry Mr. Lennon, but you are not allowed to talk to Mrs. Lennon, if you have something to say to her, please inform your lawyer who will tell me and if I think it's valuable and worthwhile, then I will tell her myself," said Trevor.
      "What?" John exclaimed, looking at Trevor and Cynthia in turn in disbelief, "I can't believe this, why aren't I allowed to talk to my own wife?"
      "Sorry Mr. Lennon, but you are to have no further to do with Mrs. Lennon until this divorce is final and settled," Trevor said.
      John looked at Doug in disbelief, he couldn't believe that Cynthia would do such thing. After all what he agreed to do for her... he thought twice about giving her the amount of 100,000 to her, but thought twice and correctly, he wasn't doing this for Cynthia, he was doing this for Julian. Douglas inform Trevor and Cynthia that John had set up a trust fund for Julian, and if John was to have any more children, Julian's trust would be broken in half and that each child from John will be set equally. Trevor looked at Cynthia and she nodded. John also stated that since Cyn was caring for Julian, they should swap houses for Cynthia to pack up and move out by November.
      After two hours, the divorce plans were ironed out. Trevor and Douglas plan to settle this through court and told their clients that a court date will apply for them and a possible stand for the divorce will be required. Cynthia was free to go. John and Yoko stayed at Paul's house for a little while. Paul looked out the window to see Cynthia off, he felt his heart reach out for her in sympathy and thought of Julian, what pain he must be going through and he cried for that little boy, who was innocent in the whole mess. After Trevor and Douglas gathered their paperwork, they were off as well, on their way to court to end John and Cynthia's marriage.
      John and Yoko hung out with Paul most of the night, discussing about songs that needed to be worked down for their new album. Paul participated in the conversation, but his mind was elsewhere. He couldn't get Cynthia out of his mind. She was beautiful and she looked so sad. He never saw her that sad before. She was such a devoted mother to Julian, whom Paul was very fond of and had a little relationship with. Paul remembered that the year previously of himself and Julian playing Cowboys and Indians on the boat off shore of Greece, the laughter and smiles. Although the thought was absurd, Paul always felt that he was some sort of father figure to Julian. John didn't know how to be a father, while Paul would visit the Lennons and would kneel down to play blocks and cars and let Julian climb all over him. He felt so sorry for him and vowed to himself that he will visit Cynthia and Julian the next day, hoping to give them comfort and a friend to lean on with a sympathy shoulder.

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