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Chapter 5

      When they got inside of the apartment, Jenny led Cynthia to the spare room so that she can stay for as long as she liked. Cynthia just dropped her bags, closed the door, and then collapsed on the bed. She was trying to make sense of what she saw in her kitchen, her husband and this woman that he has been quite negative about... what is going on? The image of them in front of her and then the image of the messy guest room ignited more suspicions and anger. What am I going to do? She stayed in her room for the rest of the night, thinking about what she saw, and what she should've done.
      The second day back in England and in Jenny and Alex's apartment, Cynthia didn't bother getting up for breakfast or anything. She just wanted to lie in bed and be lost in her thoughts and hearing the commotion going outside her guest door. Jenny had knocked on her door, seeing if she was okay or not. Cynthia did respond that she was feeling well, but depressed, she wanted to be alone. Jenny understood- since she too witnessed the strange encounter of John and Yoko Ono.
      That same day, later in the evening, Jenny went out with Mick Fleetwood, a drummer from Fleetwood Mac, while Alex decided that he would do the nice thing of comforting Cynthia. He had brought wine and knocked on Cynthia's door.
      "Go away," a weak voice demanded through the door.
      "But I want to come in and comfort you in every way I can, I have wine and thought that you could just talk this out," Alex explained
      Silence. Alex thought that Cynthia was thinking this over and he was being a friend. A few seconds later, the doorknob was unlocked. Alex entered the dark room and saw Cynthia going back to the bed, under the covers. The only light was the outside streetlights.
      "I thought that you and I could drink this baby from the bottle since our wine goblets are dirty," said Alex
      "Okay, whatever," said Cynthia
      Alex turned on the light so that he could see where he was going and so that he wouldn't trip. He made it to her bed and sat down. He managed opening the cork and offered Cynthia the first sip. Cynthia sat up and accepted the bottle; she gulped some down and then handed it back to Alex, who took some swigs. Until the wine was nearly gone, Alex and Cynthia were talking away, mostly about what Cynthia saw and the problems that she had with John. Alex listened the best he can, he understood most of the problems, he was good friends with John and work aside him in Apple Records where he works as an electrician and tried to invent some things- most of which didn't work out.
      After the bottle of wine was finished, Alex decided that they should drink some more and stumbled to the kitchen to get some more. He came back with another bottle. When Cynthia saw the new bottle, she cheered. She felt so much better - alcohol was what she needed for her pain. Alex managed to open the bottle and they continued to swig the bottle down like no other. One after another, Cynthia and Alex went through five bottles of wine, swearing like sailors and laughing none stop about absolute nothing. One would start laughing to get the other to laugh, once they calm down, they started to laugh again. Cynthia scooted over so that Alex could sit next to her. He did as she gestured and got under the covers, putting his arm around her. They were both drunk, the room was spinning and they felt like they were on a ride of a lifetime.
      Around two in the morning, they seemed to calm down after laughing hysterically, six empty bottles were lying around Cynthia's guest's room floor. On the bed, Alex was holding Cynthia in his arms and started kissing her passionately. For Cynthia, it has been so long since John had held her into his arms like the way Alex was and kissing her so lovingly and passionately. Cynthia gave into Alex's kisses and embraced him into her own arms. She could feel her nightgown slipping away from her body and then felt Alex's nude warm body on top of hers, his lips smothered hers and she gave in. His arms tighten around her waist and her arms went around his bare waist, giving him a back rub while his body moved up and down. Her legs curled around his, so that he wouldn't slip away and leave her. They were making love, a forbidden sin- she was married and both knew it. However, it was so long since she had sex and was enjoying it so much she didn't bother to stop it. They were both drunk, Cynthia was in deep pain, and Alex was comforting her- it's still no excuse, but it's already too late, the damage has already been done.
      Some time in the late morning, Cynthia slowly got up- her head was banging and her eyes felt strained. She opened her eyes and focused on six empty bottles of wine on the floor beside her bed. She felt a stir next to her and then an arm fell on her naked body above the covers. She slowly turned her head and found Alex sleeping next to her, his bare chest was moving up and down slowly, as he breathed. He looked peaceful, like a little angel. Cynthia tried to put her memory together- she remembered Alex coming into her room with a bottle of wine, and then another and another, she also remembered poring her heart out to him about her failing marriage to John. After three bottles of wine, her memory got hazy and she blackout. Then she did a double take - Alex was bare chested! Maybe he was too drunk to walk to his room so I let him sleep in my bed? She thought to herself. But those thoughts disappeared from her mind when she realized that she was naked underneath the covers - oh no! She took a peak under the covers to Alex and saw that he was naked as well - uh oh. Although she couldn't remember it, she knew for sure that she and Alex had sex- it probably went on until one passed out and then ended when the other passed out. But no matter if she remembered or not, one thing's for sure: she made a mistake that she couldn't fix. She knew for sure that her marriage was really over... and she did it with her husband's good friend and employee.
      Cynthia didn't know what to do. She thought that it would be best that she should leave the apartment and go back home. But before she made any moves, Alex woke up. She watched his face expressing his amazement shock, realizing that he was naked and saw that he turned his head and saw Cynthia - he realized that they had sex while drunk.
      "Did we...?" Alex stammered his question, hoping that Cynthia would know what he was talking about.
      "Yes, I think we did... what are we going to do about it?" Cynthia asked.
      Alex massaged his eyes with his fingers, trying to think.
      "I don't think we should tell John, not now, not ever," said Alex.
      Cynthia sighed and nodded her head. If she or Alex admitted to their unexpected one-night-stand, they will both receive John's wrath of anger and both know that it wouldn't be pretty.
      "Well, I think it's time for me to leave, to go back home," said Cynthia.
      "No, no, here, you could stay here- wait for Jenny to come home, at least, and call your house to see if that lady has left," said Alex.
      Cynthia thought that that was reasonable and agreed. However, she didn't want to be the first to get out of bed- to expose her nudity. Alex decided to take the risk- he flung the covers off, bent down to get his clothes and hurried out of Cynthia's room, closing the door. Cynthia sunk into the covers, she couldn't believe that she committed adultery and knew that this secret will eat her alive for the rest of her life.

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