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Chapter 6

      On the third day in England and her unexpected welcome home away from home, Cynthia decided that it was time to call home. Dot answered the phone, saying that John wasn't home and that Julian was fine. Cynthia thought that it was time to go and work things out with John- keeping her one-night-stand with Alex a secret and prayed that Alex would do the same. So far, since Jenny's been home, Alex had said not a word. Cynthia packed her things while Jenny was at Patti's home and Alex was at Apple Records. She called at taxi and left, leaving a note saying that she decided to return to John. Cynthia came home. Julian greeted her with open arms. Cynthia brought her bags upstairs to her room. She passed the guest room- the bed was neatly made. She dumped her bags onto the bed and started unpacking. Julian followed her and helped. After things were put away, they went downstairs to watch some television.
      By early evening, John came home. He saw Cynthia and Julian watching television in the den. He crept up to Cynthia's behind and surprised her with a hug and kiss.
      "Why hello there," greeted John.
      "Hi!" said Cynthia, who immediately got nervous.
      "How come you went off like you did, what's the matter?" asked John, his voice sounding genuinely concerned.
      "The site of you and Yoko upset me and I just had to get out of there," explained Cynthia, continuing watching television.
      "Well, I still don't understand it, I mean, this is your home after all. Yoko and I just stayed up all night messing around with some tapes. Pete was here as well," explained John, hoping that Cynthia won't jump on the right conclusions, "besides, I'm really happy to see you, I was just surprised to see you- I was expecting you home after noon, not before noon."
      John went around the couch to join Cynthia and Julian, he nudged himself between the space between Cynthia and the armrest, and put his arm around Cynthia. The three of them watched television until Dot came in and told them that she fixed dinner and was going home. John, Cynthia, and Julian went into the dining room and started to eat. Cynthia's eyes started darting to the kitchen door, her reenactment of seeing John and Yoko there started playing over and over again. John followed her glaze to the kitchen door.
      "Cyn, you don't have to worry, honest, it was all very innocent," said John, hoping that Cynthia would just forget about it.
      "John, I don't want to discuss it right now," said Cynthia, gesturing her head towards Julian, she did not want them to argue in front of their five year old son. John understood and kept the subject closed for a temporary time. He knew that this subject wasn't over. John told Cynthia that the Beatles are still very busy with finding new artists to sign onto Apple and that the Beatles are working on a new album. Cynthia told John about her holiday in Greece and Italy... leaving out the fact that she got drunk the night before and had sex with a close friend of his.
      After dinner, Julian went into his room to play for a little while before getting ready for bed. John and Cynthia went into the sunroom to spend some lost time together. On John's favorite settee, they cuddled. Cynthia went back to the day she caught John and Yoko in their kitchen.
      "What's really bothering me is that you and Yoko just looked so much at home, very comfortable, and I felt as though you didn't want me there, so I left," said Cynthia.
      "Don't be ridiculous! Like I said before, Cyn, you live here too, and of course I wanted you there- you just caught me by surprise and you left before I could react," said John
      "Well, I'm sorry," said Cynthia.
      "It's okay- if it's any consolation, Yoko left right after you did," said John, gripping his arms around Cynthia tighter, "and I didn't bother going after you because you said something about dinner in London and I thought you were going to continue on your holiday. However, I was very surprised that you didn't come home that night to today. What have you been up to?" asked John.
      "Oh, well, Jenny, Alex, and I did have dinner in London, but I was pretty much secluded - I need time to think of what I saw of you and Yoko and try to think things out," said Cynthia, "I decided that I should come back and work things out with you."
      "Well, I'm glad you did, Cyn, I missed you very, very much and don't you ever dare to think that you are never welcomed in this house. You are my wife, the mother of my child, and you live here with me. Yoko does not live here, besides, she's wacky, crazy!" said John
      They got quiet for a moment, enjoying that they reunited. But in their minds, they were deeply confused. Cynthia still suspect that John was starting to have feelings for Yoko and her one-night stand with Alex was taunting her. John kept thinking about Yoko, he thought that their lovemaking was so beautiful and he wanted more- but there's something stopping him. He did not want to leave his wife and son and he had stood by that since he married her. His father had left him and his mother and John swore that he would never leave his wife and child like his father. But, deep down, he wanted something more - his marriage was going fine, but he needed something new and exciting. The Beatles quit touring and became a recording band, and that wasn't enough. John made "How I Won the War". He felt that perhaps Yoko has the answers to what he was looking for. But in order to get Yoko on his side, he painfully realized that he must end his marriage to Cynthia. When he realized the horrible truth, he looked down at her, her face was peaceful and she was happy to be in his arms.
      After an hour, John and Cynthia decided that it was time to turn in. John had to be at the recording studio with the Beatles and Cynthia decided to make arrangements with Maureen Starkey, Ringo's wife, to go shopping for Julian, Zak, and Jason, Ringo and Maureen's two sons. Julian was already asleep by the time John and Cynthia went upstairs, hand in hand. When they went to bed, John was trying to figure out a way to break Cynthia the news that he wanted out of their marriage and be with Yoko. He realized that this wasn't going to be easy and it will be the most painful decision that he ever made in his life. While lying in bed, he thought about the old times when he and Cynthia were so young, madly in love. She had stuck with him through thick and thin, became a sort of mother substitute since his mother died. He had written so many letters and poems to her over the years and they had made love so much, which bought Julian to them. Beside him, he felt Cynthia, sleeping. He scooted next to her and put his arms around her once more - thinking that this may be the last time he will ever hold her into his arms again.

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