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Chapter 14

      John leaped forward to Paul's side of the bed and grabbed his chest hair, yanking him out of bed and threw him against the wall. Paul screamed in pain by John's pull on his chest hair and the sting feeling that his back and rear end felt when he hit the wall. He slid to the floor, but John wasn't giving in to feel sorry for him. John picked him up and held Paul against the wall, glaring into his face. He was livid, more than he was when he walked into the door. Just the sight of Paul naked made him angrier than he was. Cynthia hugged her legs to her chest, with the covers wrapped tightly around her. Yoko stepped back and held onto the door frame. This was the first time Yoko has seen John acting so violent.
      "Why were you sleeping with my wife? Was this the moment you were waiting for? Did you ever think of f***ing my wife? Was this some sort of secret dream you had?" John asked, his voice was calm but his body was trembling. If he had his way, he would throw Paul out of the window and let him land on the patio furniture down below.
      Paul and Cynthia know only the truth of what happened. They only slept together in comfort for each other. Cynthia was getting over the pain of John leaving her for Yoko and Paul was trying to get over Jane and trying to make sense of John's new love. He wasn't feeling guilty or ashamed of what he's done. He's glad that he did it with Cynthia with no regrets.
      "Well John," Paul started, daring himself to face the hell that John will put him through and a pleasure to see John squirm a bit, "I must say, Cyn was great in bed. She's also a great kisser. It's too bad that you are willing to throw that all away and go after that Japanese s***-tart"
      "That's it! You are going down! I gave you a good f***ing job, with lots of fame, lots of money, lots of girls, and this is what you repay me? You are nothing to my band!" John yanked Paul from the wall and threw him down on the floor, trying to choke him to death by strangling him with both hands wrapped around Paul's neck.
      Paul fought back as well, his own hands were wrapped about John's neck and he tried to put his knees against John's chest to push him out. Both Cynthia and Yoko got frighten for John and Paul's lives. Cynthia freed herself from the sheets and rushed over to John and Paul, who were now rolling on the floor, each grabbing one's neck and shouting at each other's faults that they had done in the past. Yoko rushed over to where Cynthia was and helped Cynthia pry John off of Paul. Then, after a few minutes of struggling, Cynthia got some power strength and pushed John off of Paul to the floor. Yoko rushed over to John while Cynthia kneeled over Paul, massaging his chest and cheeks so that the blood will go back to circulation. Paul was coughing, he leaned against the bed frame and let Cynthia caress him.
      "John doesn't deserve you, not then, not now, not ever," Paul said to Cynthia between coughs.
      John stood up, he wasn't as hurt as Paul was. He brushed his clothes off and flung his arm around Yoko.
      "Paul, if I were you, don't go to the studio tomorrow. You are sack. Cyn, you can bet that I'm going to file sole custody of Julian now and take everything that you own and let you have absolutely nothing. Not even the clothes on your back," sneered John. He and Yoko turned away and stormed out.
      Paul and Cynthia sat there, stunned, shocked, and for Paul, in pain from the near-death choking experience and the stinging feeling on his chest.
      "How are you feeling?" asked Cynthia
      "Bit by bit better... what are you going to do?" asked Paul, concerned for Cynthia after hearing John's threat to have sole custody.
      "I'm going to do my best to fight for my son. How about yourself? I mean, you are fired from the Beatles," said Cynthia
      "I'm going to go to the studio and stand up for my defense," said Paul.
      "Well, good luck with that, you know that John will hold that over our heads as long as we live," said Cynthia.
      Paul nodded. His throat and chest was feeling much better and he decided that it was time to leave. He got up and picked up his clothes on the floor. Cynthia went to the closet to change. It was an unspoken agreement between them that they do not regret the night before and this morning, however it will haunt them for the rest of their lives.
      John and Yoko arrived at their temporary apartment in London. John was still livid from walking into Paul and Cynthia having sex.
      "I can't believe it! All this time, all this time, and now look! I wonder how this thing was going on? Since when? Since this week? Month? Year? Years? Have they been at it since we were dating? Before?" John ranted while he took his clothes off and jumped into bed with Yoko, who also took her clothes off before going to bed. They settled under the blankets and cuddled while John continued to rant about Paul and Cynthia. "How can my best friend, my bandmate, my songwriting partner, do this to me? Oh well, hell, Paul's fired. If he comes into the studio tomorrow, he's going to have his bare ass dragged through the line of fire! As for Cyn! Well! She's going to have nothing NOTHING at all! Not Julian, not a house, not a cent, not even the clothes that are in her closet now!"
      Yoko got tired of his anger rant and decided to shut him up by kissing him on the mouth. John quickly stopped and kissed her passionately. Even though he stopped talking to give into Yoko's sexual urges, his mind was still ranting. How could Cyn do this to me? My wife? She is supposed to be loyal, loving me in every way possible, supporting me... How could she do something like that? That's not even like her at all... then again, maybe I don't know her at all. Maybe she's been like this all along. While I was away, she could been sleeping with the gardener or a taxi driver for all I know of... Why? Is it because I dumped her for Yoko? BINGO! Oooooh... She did it and Paul did it because I dumped them for Yoko... aaaah...It all made sense now. But the sighting of Paul and Cynthia, naked and passionately making love to each other, was still hurtful.

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