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Chapter 15

      While Yoko slept peacefully in their bed, John paced, wondering what to do and how to deal with the situation with Paul and Cynthia. He was tempted to kill them both with his bare hands, but he couldn't do that, especially on his image and the sake of Julian. He could either use this as an advantage over Paul and Cynthia and take everything that they love under his power or he could just move on with his life and just about forget it. After all, he did leave his wife behind- who was in pain and sought out comfort from anybody in her state. John felt guilty. If he hadn't left Cynthia for Yoko, none of this would've happened. It was all my fault was all that John could think of whenever he tried all the possible solutions. He looked at the clock, it was already past 5 AM. He better get to sleep- perhaps rest would ease his thoughts. He got into bed and snuggled up against Yoko.
      A couple of hours later, at Weybridge, Cynthia took Julian in school and came back to the house. Ever since John had caught her and Paul having sex and his reaction made Cynthia shake in frantic. She couldn't even pass by the room where the tragedy happened. Paul had left many hours before after John had left with Yoko. He had told her not to worry that they would all figure out what to do about this situation, like adults. But deep down, Cynthia knew that this could not be reasonable. John had a temper- when he's hurt, he is able to attack without giving a second thought to a possible damage aftermath. All in all, Cynthia was more scared of losing her son. She could deal with losing everything else- her clothes, jewelry, shoes- they are just replaceable items. However Julian is not a replaceable thing. She decided that she would do everything in the power that she has to keep her son. John could keep everything else that are useless to her.
      Paul went to the studio, fearing what encounter that lays between him and John. His chest was still in pain after John pulled him up from his chest hairs. He felt sore everywhere else, however he is not the one to back down and hide. As a member of the Beatles as John, he had every right to go into the studio and tend business meetings. When he entered the room, Paul was relieved to find that John had not yet arrived. Instead was George and Ringo patiently waiting with George Martin, the Beatles producer who was in the control room adjusting a blank tape for the recording session.
      "Ay Paul, you look a bit pale," said George
      "Bad night?" asked Ringo
      "More of bad day yesterday," said Paul
      "What happened?" asked Ringo
      "You'll never believe it..." started Paul
      "That pompous bastard slept with my wife, that's what happened," said John, who had just walked in with Yoko, clearly signally that he heard the question in the hallway. George and Ringo looked at each other - they didn't believe it.
      "Nah, that's impossible," said George, "Cynthia is a good looking catch, but Paul wouldn't go after her"
      "I did," said Paul
      George and Ringo looked at each other again, their jaws dropped to the floor. George Martin, who could hear everything, dropped a couple of items to the floor from shock.
      "You bastard! Don't you ever learn to keep that throbber in your pants where it belongs?" asked John, who felt his temper flaring up again
      "I would have kept my throbber in my pants if you would've kept yours in check!" Paul shot back
      "Why you..." John dove into Paul, they started to punch each other out. Yoko ran out the studio, crying. George Martin, George, and Ringo also dove in to pull John and Paul away from each other. George took Paul into the next studio next door while John, who was being held back by Ringo and George Martin, was forced to sit down to calm down.
      Once in the next door studio, George had Paul sit down to recover from John's attack. Paul was explaining to George what happened and wished that John would be more understanding- especially since John did leave Cynthia for another woman. He was simply there in comfort, not to sleep with his best friend's wife.
      "I believe you Paul, but I don't think that John will let this blow over. From what I just saw from John, was that he is still very much holding Cynthia as his possession," said George
      "This wouldn't have happened if John left her alone like that- I was being a friend to Cynthia..." Paul trailed off, he was panting his breathe and gasping for air.
      George Martin came into the room, wanting to hear Paul's side of the story- he already gotten an earful from John. Ringo was still with John, trying to calm him down. Yoko came back and cuddled John in her arms. Ringo decided to leave and went next door to listen to Paul's story himself. Paul explained what had happened again, calming and express regret over the situation. He knew he shouldn't have slept with Cynthia- but he did and he's not happy about it, especially knowing the pain he caused on John; however he isn't sorry. He felt that Cynthia and Julian needed him and thought that John was a bastard for leaving the family that he created behind and wanted Cynthia to know that she did have a friend to show support. George, George Martin, and Ringo nodded, they understood. George Martin reassured Paul that it could've happened to anybody and told him not to worry- he will find a way to let John see the situation, whether he likes it or not.

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