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Chapter 13

      Paul and Cynthia finished making love around 3 A.M. and fell asleep in each other's arms. At 7 A.M. Julian woke up and went to his parents' bedroom, only to find the door lock. He tried to knock but there was no response. Cynthia and Paul were fast asleep. Julian decided that it was a good time to watch cartoons and went down stairs. An hour later, Dot arrived.
      "Hi Julian, where is you Mummy?" Dot asked
      "She's still sleeping, her door is locked," Julian replied, his eyes glued to the television.
      "Oh dear, with all the things she's going through, I don't blame her," Dot said quietly, then her voice went back to higher speaking level, "okay Julian, how about some breakfast? What would you like to have?"
      "Cereal" said Julian
      "On it's way!" said Dot, rushing to the kitchen.
      Dot got out a bowl, a plastic cup, and a cereal box out of the cupboard. She grabbed some strawberries and milk from the refrigerator and cut the strawberries in half, dumping them into the bowl along with cereal and milk. She filled his plastic cup with milk before setting it back in the refrigerator. She quickly set the table for one and placed Julian's breakfast. Dot came back to the family room and turned off the television and ushered Julian to the dining room table to eat his breakfast. Dot went to the kitchen and made tea for herself. She came back and sat with Julian.
      "So, Julian, what do you want to do today?" asked Dot, obviously knowing that Cynthia wanted her to take Julian out while she goes through the pain from the separation and divorce pending from John.
      "I don't know" replied Julian, eating his cereal.
      "Do you want to go to the park and shop?" suggested Dot, "and if you want, maybe you could go to my house and play with Captain." Captain is her English shepherd dog.
      "Okay," said Julian.
      After Julian was done, Dot ushered him upstairs and helped him get dressed and then took him out after leaving Cynthia a note to tell them where they will be.
      At 10:30 A.M., Cynthia slowly woke up. She stirred for a minute and wondered why she felt so refreshed, she hadn't felt this way for months. She also realized that she was nude under the covers. When she opened her eyes, she was on her side of the bed, laying on her right side, facing John's side. Her eyes focused on a body limp. Although she could barely see, she could make out the nude body that was next to her. She got up and walked to the dressing table and got her glasses and looked.. Paul was lying on his stomach, his face facing the window, sound asleep. She gasped and went back down. Yesterday's events rushed up to her. She walked over to the door and unlocked it, so if Paul wakes up and freaks out, at least he won't have the difficulty of unlocking the door and feeling trapped. She then walked back to her bed, putting her glasses on the night stand next to her bed and lay down, trying to figure out what's going on. At first she felt guilty, she slept with her husband's best friend, song-writer partner, and best friend. But then, after what she's been through with John's publicly love for another woman and divorce, she felt that she somewhat deserved it- in a way, she got her revenge. She rolled over to Paul and massaged his back. A moment she started rubbing gently, Paul woke up and turned his head facing Cynthia. From the look on his face, Cynthia knew that he instantly remembered what happened. He did look slightly guilty, but she knew that he felt exactly what she felt, this time it's I slept with my best friend's wife.
      "Hi," said Cynthia
      "Hi," said Paul, rolling to his left side
      "How are you?" asked Cynthia
      "Good, how about yourself?" asked Paul
      "Good," Cynthia smiled.
      Nothing else was said. Paul put his hand gently caressing Cynthia's cheek and neck, pulling her towards him for a passionate kiss. A moment later, Paul and Cynthia melted in each other's arms.
      At 11 A.M. John and Yoko arrived at the house. After unlocking the front door, John lifted Yoko in his arms, giving her kisses while he strolled into the house. He put her down and pinned her against the wall, kissing her hard and passionately, he never felt so much in love. Yoko held on to him tightly, enjoying all the attention that John was giving her. Between their kisses, they were giggling. They decided to move this to the living room, kissing all the way there. When they flopped down on the couch, John stopped.
      "Yoko, let's do this later, I just want to get a few things here and then we can quickly leave, I do not want to see Cynthia at all," said John
      "Okay" said Yoko. They both got off the couch and headed upstairs. John noticed that the house was awfully quiet and thought that Cynthia and Julian weren't at home after all. Dot wasn't even around- she may be with them getting food supplies. When they reached at top of the stairs, John gently pushed Yoko against the wall and gave her another passionate kiss.
      "I thought you want to do this later?" asked Yoko once John pulled back for air.
      "I do, but it seems as though Cyn, Julian, and Dot aren't around" John told Yoko, kissing her neck.
      "Let's just get the stuff and go all ready," said Yoko, assuring John that they will make up for lost time.
      "Okay," said John, pulling away and walking towards his bedroom that he once shared with Cynthia. Yoko was behind him, holding his hand.
      John opened the door and took a few steps. Then he suddenly stopped. He couldn't believe his eyes: there was Paul and Cynthia in bed, in an embrace, making love in his bed right in front of him!
      Yoko was unaware of what was happening in front of her boyfriend and bumped into him, not knowing that he stopped. She felt that he was still cold, in shock. She peared over his shoulder and saw what he was looking at. She gasped.
      Paul and Cynthia didn't hear the door opening or the gasp that came. They were too concentrated on what they were doing and didn't want it to end.
      After a minute, John had enough, his body was full of rage and jealousy. He completely forgot that Yoko was right there at his side.
      Paul and Cynthia jumped apart, quickly looking over at the door. Both Paul and Cynthia were shocked, they did not expect John and Yoko to be there.
      "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO MY WIFE?" asked John again.
      "Oh John knock it off, she's not your wife anymore, you don't love her," said Paul. Cynthia held the sheets to her chin, snuggling to Paul to protect her.
      "NO!" said Paul, his voice tone matching John's, "I WILL NOT, YOU DUMPED HER AND I'M HERE TO COMFORT HER!"
      Cynthia had enough of John. Paul had done nothing really wrong, he was being a friend to her and this came as a complete surprise yet to both of them.
      "LEAVE HIM ALONE!" Cynthia yelled, joining in the yelling match banter between John and Paul. "He has done nothing wrong!"
      "Well, tell me this won't you? How is it nothing wrong for you to WALK OUT OF HERE, ABANDONING YOUR WIFE AND SON JUST TO BE WITH THAT BITCH?" Cynthia pointed at Yoko, she was really mad and she felt great! She have been wanting to get rid of these feelings for a long while.
      John turned to Yoko. Yoko stood there, opened mouthed. His heart went out to her. He loved her so much. Then he turned back to Paul and Cynthia. That image sicken him. His body was trembling with anger. For years, he was extremely protective of Cynthia, he didn't want anybody to have her, only to him.
      "I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME!" yelled John, to Cynthia. Once again, he forgot that Yoko was right there.
      "I do love you," said Cynthia calmly, "but you left me, you pushed me behind"
      "So you slept with my best friend," said John, his voice is back to normal, yet he was still very angry.
      "I thought you loved me! But apparently you don't, especially when you fell in love with her! And don't even dare think of turning around the table to BLAME ME! LET ME REMIND YOU OF SOMETHING, YOU ARE THE ONE WHO LEFT THIS MARRIAGE, YOU ARE THE ONE WHO WALKED OUT THE DOOR AND YOU ARE THE ONE WHO WANT ME OUT OF THE PICTURE!"
      Paul put his arm around Cynthia, trying to comfort her. That was enough for John, he couldn't take it any longer. He just snapped.

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