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Chapter 12

      For two hours, Cynthia wept on Paul's shoulder. Paul was patient, he allowed her to cry- he knew what was going on with her life and she didn't know where to begin. He also knew that she loved John very much and was willing to do anything for him. Paul felt a bit the same way. He felt that his best friend, song-writing partner, and band mate was leaving him behind, gathering up the dust in the middle of nowhere. For over ten years, Paul and Cynthia were John's trusted peers. There was other people in John's life, but Paul and Cynthia remained. Then, Yoko came along and John went with her, as a rug was pulled away from their feet. However, unlike Paul, Cynthia had another worry- Julian. An innocent child was in their company.
      Cynthia calmed down a bit and Paul decided she needed some talking to, to get some self-esteem and courage into her system. He gently took her tear-stained face in his hands.
      "Cyn, you are going to get through this whole ordeal, I know you will. Julian will help you. Life is not over- you have a beautiful son who loves you and needs you, especially during this time in his life. You pretty much raised him yourself while John was touring and recording with us. You are a wonderful mother, and you were a great wife, but John is too stupid to see that for himself. Cyn, you may not know this, but I sure damn wish I had a wife like you. I tried to get Jane to calm down, but look at us now, we have broken up. Jane decided her career was more important than me. I could understand it, but I wanted to settle down- I'm nearly thirty years old. It'll be all right," said Paul, putting his hands on her shoulders and pulling her towards him again. To her, it was obvious that he was still in pain over Jane's decision to leave him for her career. He was also in pain to see that his greatest job in the world was about to end.
      Cynthia grasp on Paul's shirt- she enjoyed the comforting and he was also right. Life isn't over for her and Julian. Paul held her tightly for a few moments. After a while, Cynthia pulled back and looked into Paul's eyes. They were big, brown, sad- yet encouraging, puppy like. She had always thought that he was very attractive but she was so much in love with John that she never noticed. Until now. In her heart, something just bolted. For Paul, he felt the same. A spark of electricity was in the air and they couldn't deny it. Paul and Cynthia took each other's face into one's hands and inch closer by close. Cynthia could feel Paul's breath coming out of his nose. Paul decided to be the first to make the move- he pulled Cynthia's face much closer and bowed his head into hers, piercing his lips against her lips, kissing her passionately. Cynthia let go of herself. She let the kiss continue on, relaxing herself into Paul's body. His arms moved around her waist. She gently pushed Paul down to the couch, laying on top of him. They continued to kiss passionately, sometimes going off to the cheek, traveling across to the ear and down to the neck. One's hands moved to the chest and started unbuttoning the shirt. They can not stop now- if they did, none of this will continue on further. Two shirts fell on the floor, following a bra. Both Cynthia and Paul were laying on the couch, bare chest.
      Suddenly, Cynthia stopped- she had an idea.
      "Why don't we move this upstairs?" Cynthia whispered into Paul's ear, "That way, Julian won't walk in on us"
      Paul smiled and nodded in agreement. He picked her up and carried her upstairs to her bedroom. He knew exactly where Cynthia's bedroom was- where she used to share with John. Paul has been at that house more times than anyone else in the Lennons' lives. Paul let Cynthia locked the door and then carried her to the bed and gently put her down, putting himself on top of her. Paul and Cynthia fondled each other out of their pants, underwear, socks, and shoes and dropping them carelessly onto the floor, wanting desperately to make love. Deep down, both knew that they were doing the wrong thing- they may even regretted it, however they wanted to make love and didn't want it to stop. Within five minutes after locking themselves in Cynthia's bedroom, they were nude. Paul put his finger on Cynthia's lips, silently letting her know that he's going to give his best performance yet. He kissed her forehead, her lips, nose, cheeks, ears, neck, chest, breast, letting his tongue slide from her breast to her belly button, then giving it a peck before starting going up again. Cynthia had her hands combing through Paul's hair and silently complimenting how soft Paul's lips were. When he came back to her lips, she kissed him back. She felt him coming inside of her down below, his body moving up and down, her own body moved with him in rhythm, they were in sync with each other. The room was bright orange and pink as the sun was settling down for the night. There was no doubt that Paul was going to remain there until dawn.

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