Ocean Child

"There's nothing more important than our relationship. You can't fill a bed with groupies. Nothing works better than to have somebody you love hold you." - John Lennon

     For many years Yoko Ono Lennon has been scorned and rediculed for infinate rediculous reasons. She has often been dimissed as not up to the standards of a Beatle girl because of strange reasons such as not having their dazzling smiles, fabulous dress sense, and the obvious look of adoration for her man in her eyes. People even go as far as claiming that she and John didn't love each other.
     This site is here to set the record straight on a few things and prove that she is a truly remarkable woman who can also do the smiles, adoring gazes and groovy clothes just as well as the others.

Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him Dressed To The Hilt Smile Piece

we are two halves, and together we're a whole - John Lennon John loved Yoko... don't you?

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