Francie Schwartz

Revolution Recording Sessions

Paul, Francie and Yoko at the Revolution Sessions George, Francie and Paul at the Revolution Sessions

Leaving Abbey Road recording studios

Francie and Paul leaving Abbey Road

Adjusting John's cape during a Beatles Photoshoot

Francie adjusting John's cape during a Beatles photoshoot

Photoshoot in the park

George, Mal Evans, Francie, Yoko and John in the park

Francie's book

Francie's kiss and tell book

the original letter from Paul

Paul's letter to Francie
"Dear Frannie or Scwartz. I don't know what you want me to do with it but I've read your script anyway and it's ...... interesting. So it's up to you. Come, call, leave an address or do something constructive. Love Paul McCartney"

SOURCES: various Beatles and McCartney biographies, magazines and newspapers

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