Page 10 - MELODY MAKER - July 18 1963

Pop stars - and marriage
Do wedding bells spell death for the big names?

JOHN LENNON of the Beatles is married. The secret that wasn't really a secret has leaked out, and thousands of female fans are sharing the knowledge. With what feelings we shall probably never know.
     It is certain that the peculiar disclosure will have no effect on the popularity rating of Britain's top vocal-instrumental group.
     The news might have been seen in a totally different light if Lennon was a solo artist - because it has ben known for solo artists to steer clear of confetti and even steady girlfriends when a few thousand adoring female eyes are jealously watching every move.
     Hell hath no fury like an army of women scorned, as some singers know to their cost. But the relationship between personal and business life is dangerous enoughfor an established star without the finality of marriage.
     Fortunately, John Lennon is a member of a group, and so far as we know, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr are footloose and fancy-free so far as girls are concerned.
     This alone will ensure no love is lost for the Beatles.
     After all, the two leading members of Britain's top instrumental group have been married for a few years - and it doesn't seem to have affected either the Shadows or, individually Hank Marvin and Bruce Welch.
     They were husbands before their first hit disc "Apache."
     From John Lennon himself came the reply - "No comment."
     Apart from the percentage who will feel cheated by the news, the sensible majority of fans will put their Beatles LP on the record-player, switch on, and forget the whole thing. - CHRIS ROBERTS.

* Marriage

THANK you for your story
  on John Lennon and
  marriage last week.
I felt sorrow and envy when I
  first heard of his marriage,
  but now, after crying till I
  can't cry any more, and after
  a great deal of thinking, I
  find John is still my favourite
  Beatle and the Beatles still
  my favourite singers.
So, John, good luck in the
  future. - PATRICIA DUHIG,
  London SE7.

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