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Red Mini-Skirt Suit with detachable fun-fur collar and cuffs

label on skirt
(embroidered on matt effect fabric)
label on jacket
(embroidered on shiny fabric)
metal buttons on jacket
featuring the Biba logo

note signature metal hanging
loop and acid green lining

cleaning instructions label which
has the Grattan logo
the logo for mail-order
fashion company Grattan

Crushed-velvet-effect Rainbow Striped Jacket

label on jacket
(embroidered on shiny fabric)
Biba buttons

sample of fabric
sample of lining

Biba hang tag


Dark-Blue Denim Boot-cut Jeans

label on back of jeans
(embossed vinyl)
label on inside of jeans
(embroidered on matt effect fabric)

label on back pocket

Red Velvet-feel slim-leg trousers

small label with copper
pink embroidered detail on
back pockets