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Chapter 2

      Early morning, Cynthia woke up, feeling ill as she was before. She struggled herself to get up and went to the kitchen where her medicine was. She got a spoon and poured some on and took the swig. She then went to the bathroom. John was still in bed, sound of sleep, Cynthia didn't want to wake him. She got dressed and then went to Woolworth's in time for her nine o'clock morning shift. She told her boss that she hasn't been feeling too well lately and her boss suggested to take a couple of days off to get some rest. Cynthia agreed. Before she left, she called Liverpool College of Art to contact her teacher to see if she can attend a make-up class that she missed the day before. Her teacher got on and told her that she may come in this afternoon to catch up. Cynthia had some time to kill off, so she went to the same Penny Lane café and got herself some hot tea and crumpets. After she finished, she felt even more hungry and ordered some more crumpets. She felt that it was a bit odd that she was eating more than usual, but dismissed the thought, thinking that perhaps she was just hungry for crumpets and they were good, freshly baked. After she felt full, she decided to do some window shopping before catching the bus to go to art college.
      By noon, the bus dropped her off and she made it to class. Her teacher explained her make-up work and then she was busy for the next couple hours. By three in the afternoon, she was done, exhausted, and wanted to go back to her flat to get some shut-eye. She turned in her work and catch the bus back to her flat. John had already left and left her a note telling her where he's going to be, at the Cavern with Paul, George Harrison, and Pete Best for a meeting with Brian Epstein. Cynthia did felt a bit better, but she was exhausted. Just when she climbed in bed, the phone rang. It was her best friend, Phyllis Mackenzie. Cynthia told Phyl that she believed that she was catching some sort of flu and she had just arrived back from college after doing some make-up work that she missed the day before. Phyl asked her if she wants to go to the cinema some time during the weekend and Cynthia told her sure, however depending on her health. Phyl agreed and told her to get some rest. Cynthia hung up and went to sleep.
      A few hours later, the phone rang again. This time it was John, inviting her to see the Beatles perform at the Cavern. Cynthia agreed. She felt better. She got up and dressed in her best short-skirt, a tight white sleeveless shirt, black fish-net stockings and her new leather boots. She did her eye makeup in the style of Cleopatra and put on her best perfume. She looked really good. She headed out and got the bus to Matthews Street and arrived in time to catch the Beatles' performance. Afterwards, she fought her way to their dressing room and joined in on the party. Pete left early and the other three were discussing that they wanted Ringo Starr, drummer of Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, to join them. Brian came in and complemented them on a very well done show. The party in the dressing room was starting to get carried on, but John pulled Cynthia aside, asking her if she wanted to leave early, considering that she was a bit ill. "I'm feeling a lot better than I was, I think the medicine is kicking in," Cynthia informed John. "Okay, but if you started to feel sick again, let me know so that I'll walk you home," John told her. Cynthia also informed John that her boss gave her permission to stay home for a few days off from work and that she managed to get her work turned in at the college from the day she missed. John seemed please, "Good, it looks like that you and I are going to be nuzzling for a little while," he cooed into her neck. Cynthia giggled and kissed him on the lips. John kissed back, but they were interrupted by a tap on John's shoulder. It was Brian. "I'm sorry, but I need to talk to John for a few minutes". Cynthia agreed and John left with Brian to the corner to discuss the Beatles' future deals. Cynthia looked around the room and started to feel dizzy. She walked over to the couch and sat down, taking a couple of deep breaths to calm down and hoped that this dizziness will pass. Various people had came up to her to say hi and to chat a bit, but Cynthia was in no mood to talk at the moment. John found her and saw that Cynthia was a bit pale. John found Neil Aspinall and asked him if he could take him and Cynthia to her flat because Cynthia wasn't feeling to well. Neil agreed and went out to bring the van to the front. John helped Cynthia up from the couch and lead her upstairs to out of the Cavern. Neil was already ready of them.
      After Neil dropped John and Cynthia off, Cynthia walked straight to her bed, not bothering to take her clothes or makeup off. John went to the kitchen to retrieve her medicine. He read the directions and got a spoon. He went over to where Cynthia was laying and pour her medicine for her. "Here, take this," he said. "No, I don't feel well, I feel like I'm going to throw up," she told him. "Come on, this will make you feel better," he coaxed her. "No" "Please?" "No, not at the moment, later, okay?" Cynthia moaned. John shrugged his shoulders and gently poured the medicine back in the bottle. John put the medicine back in the kitchen and then went over back to the bed and took his clothes off. Cynthia was already asleep, so he took off her clothes for her and covered them both in her bedsheets and put his arms around her. Cynthia opened her eyes for a moment and saw John looking at her with a loving look in his eyes, but she felt a bit annoyed. "What?" she asked him. "Nothing" he said. "Why are you looking at me?" she asked. "Because you're beautiful and I just want to look at you…" explained John. Before Cynthia could ask any more questions, John leaned in for a kiss. "Don't," said Cynthia, pulling away. John was taken outback, he didn't expect her to act this way. "What? Did I do something wrong?" he asked. "No, I just don't want you getting my cold," she explained to him. "I don't care, if I get sick, I least I know that I got a cold from my girlfriend," said John, kissing her shoulder. Cynthia just looked up at the ceiling. Her room was dark, the moon was full and shone through her window. It was really romantic. She and John made love many times during that scene. Obvious, John wanted to make love, but Cynthia wasn't in the mood, sick or not. She felt that something was really up with her body and she didn't know what it was, she was worried. John gave up on pursuing Cynthia to make love to him and turned his back to her and went to sleep. Cynthia felt a bit guilty, she turned to him, kissed his shoulder, his neck, putting her arm around his waist and whispered, "I'm sorry". "It's okay," he whispered back. "No, it's not, you don't deserve my attitude, you've been wonderful to me while I'm feeling ill and I just snapped at you." John turned to her and put her into his arms again. They started kissing. Cynthia broke away with a smile on her face, "now, what's this about you wanting to get my cold?" John smiled and leaned in for another kiss. They kissed some more and in a few seconds, they were making love straight into the day break.

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