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Chapter 8

      In late morning, John and Yoko were cuddled on the floor in the den. They had once again fallen off the couch and fell asleep. The phone rang. John hesitated to get up, but realized that today was the day to go to New York with Paul to promote Apple Records.
      "Hey, John?" Paul responded
      "Um... are you about ready? Our plane leaves less than an hour," said Paul, wondering why John was sleeping so late.
      "Oh shit! Really? An hour? I'm not even packed yet!" exclaimed John
      "Yeah, John, what were you doing last night that made you forget?" asked Paul
      "Nothin'" said John, hoping that Paul would back off, "Cyn, Julian, and Lil went to Italy yesterday," John said, hoping that Paul would think that he was trying to figure out what to do with himself.
      "Oh, okay, well, I'll come back in a half an hour with Alex and Mal," said Paul
      "Sure, sure, bye" John hung up the phone.
      Yoko was still asleep until John woke her up and told her to get out of here, he's got to go to New York for some business. Yoko obliged and was gone in 5 minutes, with her clothes. By the time Paul, Mal, and Alex came by, John was packed and ready to go. He put his suitcase in the taxi and they headed off to the airport. Already, John's heart ached after seeing Yoko leave his house. He wondered how he can managed without her.
      John, Paul, Mal, and Alex arrived in New York safe and sound, Derek Taylor and Nat Weiss were there to meet them. Reporters and photographers were there- the company was disappointed, they had hoped to come to New York secretly. Now they hoped their whereabouts were unknown.
      They arrived at Nat's home, no hotel will take John and Paul because they do not want trouble by the fans. Nat called the police and requested a 24 hour security to protect John and Paul. After Nat hung up the phone, it rang again, this time it was Linda Eastman. Paul had called her before in England and asked her to call him when he got to New York. She asked if she could come by, Nat asked Paul and Paul gave permission. An hour later, Linda was there. Paul and Linda enjoyed many conversations about music and she brought over her latest photographs.
      John decided that it was time to tell Cynthia that he wants a divorce. He called postal service and requested a telegram to Italy. Then he called the Italian police and requested a private detective to follow Cynthia's every move; he described her description, and gave them her hotel's address, he wants to know who she was seeing, where's she's been, everything. After he hung up the phone, he turned to Alex, who was sitting on the chair, watching at the television set.
      "Magic Alex?" asked John
      "I need you to go to Italy and tell Cynthia that I want a divorce and I'm going to gain custody of Julian and send her back to Hoylake," said John.
      Alex turned to John, he expected John to do something like that, especially after he told him about his one nighter with Cynthia. He accepted and John was on the phone once more, paying for Alex's plane ticket to Italy for the first flight of today and gave Alex all the information of Cynthia's whereabouts.
      In Italy, Cynthia, Lilian, and Julian were having a great time, exploring shops, eateries, and sight seeing. On their first day, Cynthia met the son of the hotel owners for the second time after two years, Roberto Bassanini. Roberto remembered Cynthia and Julian well- he was struck by how beautiful Cynthia was and couldn't get her out of his mind for a long time and thought that he would never see her again. Luckily, his dream came true, she was standing right in front of him, smiling and looking extraordinary.
      For Cynthia, it was great seeing Roberto again, but she's been feeling raw. Her throat ached and her nose started to stuffed up. But she lifted up her head and entertained Julian and her mother. That afternoon, Cynthia, Roberto, Julian, and Lilian were having lunch at a little café when Cynthia caught a familiar looking shadow walking over. She turned her head and gulp, walking towards her table with Magic Alex. What did he want? Alex approached the table and requested kindly to see Cynthia alone. Cynthia obliged. Once they were out of earshot, Alex did what John told him to do
      "John wants me to tell you that he wants a divorce and he's going to take Julian away from you and send you back to Hoylake," said Alex. His job was done and he turned and walked off, leaving Cynthia speechless. He caught the next flight to New York that same day.
      Cynthia was speechless, Oh my, John found out! He found out that I slept with Alex for one night and he wants a divorce! She went back to the table and swallowed her pain with help with wine. The alcohol scratched against her throat and she started to cough. Roberto and Lilian quickly took action, Lilian took Julian and Roberto paid the bill while holding onto Cynthia so that she wouldn't fall and hit her face. They all went to the hotel. Roberto helped Cynthia to bed while Lil called the front desk to request the doctor. The doctor came and Roberto translated what the doctor said, Get some rest, stay in bed for a few days and then you will be fine. The doctor left. As did Roberto, promising that he will return the next day.
      Lil went over to Cynthia's side while Julian settled down, watching Italian cartoons.
      "What did Alex say to you?" Lil asked
      "He said that John wants a divorce and is threatening to take Julian away from me," said Cynthia, her voice cracking.
      "Well, first thing tomorrow, I will take Julian back to England and get on the bottom of this. Meanwhile, you rest, Mother's orders," said Lil, with a little smile.
      Cynthia returned a sad smile and went to sleep. Lilian got herself and Julian packed and went to the airport to get the first flight to London. When they got back, she found a bouquet of flowers sitting at the doorstep, from John. She realized that John knew that she would hurry back to England to rock the relationship between him and Yoko and John proved to her that she was too late. She had no way of getting in touch with John since he was in New York and could only leave a message at Apple, saying that Cynthia was still in Italy and ill.
      John did get the message, but he already knew. His private detective has been giving him a daily report. John called his lawyers in England to file for divorce as Cynthia committed adultery and custody of Julian, hoping to make her look like a bad wife to the public and he's the long-suffering husband, gaining sympathy from his fans. But people in his inner circle knew better, but they also knew better to keep quiet or else. That same week, John and Paul returned to England and Yoko moved into John's home that same day. He requested that the divorce papers should come to Cynthia the day she arrives from Italy. He thought of going over to Lil's flat and taking Julian, but decided against it; he thought that it would be generous of him to let Cynthia spend a few last moments with their son before he gets full custody. He wanted Cynthia completely out of the picture and let it be just him, Yoko, Julian, and Kyoko, Yoko's daughter with Tony.

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