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Chapter 3

      John was nervous; he paced all around his house endlessly. He walked around his bedroom, his bathroom, went out to the hallway and went around his art room, music room, Julian's room, and the guest's rooms. Then he went down the stairs, and continued pacing. He paced around the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the library, the den, and his favorite room in the house: the sun room. He tried sitting, but he was too wound up. He thought that maybe tea and some food would help calm down his nervousness, but he wasn't hungry- but he did gulped down his tea real fast. He kept looking at his watch and the time went slow, according to him. Julian was spending the night at Dot's and Cynthia was probably in Italy by now, having the time of her life. She isn't due back home until tomorrow night. Hopefully by then, he wouldn't be confused with his feelings with Yoko as he had when Cynthia left.
      At five thirty PM, the doorbell rang. John ran to the door and opened it, finding Pete who was holding his over night bag.
      "Hi John," Pete greeted.
      "Hey Pete," said John, stepping aside for Pete to enter his home.
      Pete came in while John closed the door. They walked past Sidney, the armour suit that took it's pride place in the hall, into the living room. Pete placed his overnight bag next to one of the couches and then sat down. John sat on the couch across from him.
      "So, what's going on?" asked Pete.
      "I invited Yoko Ono, this weird crazy artist, over here to hang out with us. Last year, she sent me her book that she wrote, 'Grapefruit', this year, while Cyn and I were in India, she sent me letters with only these little one liners like 'Hide until everybody dies'. She's also been around my house, trying to get me to help her sponsor her gallery exhibition and leaving shit behind so that she can come back, and now, I just can't get her out of my mind!" John explained.
      "How come?" asked Pete.
      "Don't really know really, so I was hoping that tonight I will get all of my answers," said John.
      "Do you think that you are in love with her?"
      "Are you crazy? I'm in love with my wife, I'm married, remember?"
      "When is Cyn coming back anyway?"
      "Tomorrow," John responded, taking out two cigarettes from the end table and gave one to Pete and lit his own and then Pete's, "I just think that she's very interesting and I just want to get to know her... she's also married too," continued John.
      "Okay, well, when is she supposed to come?" asked Pete.
      "Any minute now," replied John.
      As if one cue, the doorbell rang. John quickly got up and ran to the door. He opened and there was Yoko, dressed in black from head to toe - no makeup and no fancy doing of her hair.
      "Hello," John greeted, holding the door open for her.
      "Hello," responded Yoko, stepping into his house. John closed the door and escorted Yoko to the living room where Pete just finished his cigarette.
      "Have a seat," John gestured a space next to Pete and put out his own cigarette in the ashtray with Pete's. "Do you want a drink? Cigarette? Food?"
      "No thank you, I just ate before I got here," Yoko responded.
      "Okay," John said, sitting down to where he was, "This is Pete, Pete, this is Yoko."
      "Hello," greeted Pete.
      "Hello," greeted Yoko.
      Silence. Pete and John exchanged nervous looks towards one another and Yoko just stared at a knick-knack on the coffee table.
      "Um, so, I understand that you are an artist," said Pete, hoping to break the ice and started conversating.
      "Yes, I am," replied Yoko.
      "What kind of art do you do?" asked Pete.
      Yoko started talking and soon, John chimed in. The three of them chatted up until after midnight, when Pete yawned and decided to go to bed. He said goodnight and retrieved his overnight bag and went upstairs to one of the guest rooms and went to bed. John got up and moved to the spot next to Yoko to continue their chat. They spoke about art, music, Yoko's daughter, Kyoko, Julian, their marriages, fame, and anything else that they could think of.
      Sometime around three AM, Yoko asked to see his music room. They both got up and went upstairs to his music room. While going towards it, they heard Pete's snores coming in loudly and both John and Yoko started to giggle like crazy. They went in the music room, which was filled with guitars, keyboards, tape recorders, a drum, and amplifiers. On the walls contained some of the Beatles' gold records and a picture of John and Cynthia taken in 1965. After closing the door, John sat down and put a blank tape into the recorder and pushed record. Yoko sat besides him and started to wail. John grabbed his guitar and started playing and singing, making up words as he go along. Until six in the morning, they jammed and recorded their music. After the tape finished, both back and forth, John decided to call it a night.
      "I think it's time for me to go home," said Yoko.
      "Okay, and I'll go to bed," said John.
      They got up, John put down his guitar and they moved to the door at the same time, bumping their hips.
      "Oops!" both said, and then they burst into a fit of giggles. Then, all of the sudden, they stopped laughing. John leaned in and gave Yoko a kiss on the lips. Yoko kissed back. John suddenly pulled away, he lifted Yoko in his arms and opened the door and carried her into the nearest guest's room and closed the door. They started to kiss and taking off their clothes and climbed into the bed, tearing off the covers and dive into them. John was on top of her and went up and down, making love to her. Yoko had her arms around John's waist, tightly, she started to wail quietly, which was the music to John's ears. During their intercourse, John stopped, he had an idea.
      "Let's do the album cover!" John told her
      "Yeah!" said Yoko, "And we can call it, 'Two Virgins'."
      "Great!" said John. He got up, naked, and left the room to get his automatic camera from his bedroom. He came back a few minutes later and put the camera on the dresser and timed the camera to flash. Yoko got up and joined him for their photo session for their record cover. They took thirteen shots with poses. After the camera stopped flashing, John turned to Yoko and gave her a kiss. Yoko kissed him back and they dived back into the bed, continuing their lovemaking. During their intercourse, John found out what his true feelings are, Pete was right, I am in love with Yoko and there's nothing that's going to stop us for showing our love. During their lovemaking and photo session, and neither John or Yoko thought about their respective spouses and John had suddenly forgotten that his wife was due home that very same day.

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