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Chapter 11

      The next day, Cynthia, Lillian, and Julian swap houses with John and Yoko. John thought that it would be absurd for his son living in a place with nothing to play and it would give Cynthia a chance to pack her belongings and move out into her new home before he and Yoko move back in. John had given Cynthia until their divorce to live in their house. Cynthia was devastated over her separation, it was extremely upsetting seeing her husband kissing and hugging another woman right in front of her. John's fellow band members and employees were keeping mum on the subject. They didn't really like Yoko stitched on John's hip however if one spoke a word, they would face a fury of anger and be out of work. They secretly were on Cynthia's side- all knew her well, she stayed out of John's business and always greeted them with a cheerful smile and a tin full of cookies or two for each employee. Yoko, meanwhile, has treated them either nothing or slavery under John. To her, John was the master. To them, Yoko was taking John out of their lives and into her spider-web as her prize to possess. John happily weave himself into Yoko's web and time to time, in 1968, starting not appearing in the studio or business meetings, rather staying in bed and making love to Yoko. Nothing mattered but Yoko to him. He was happy to dump everything he worked for since he was a teenager. She was that worth it.
      A few days later, Paul decided to take a drive to Weybridge to see how Cynthia and Julian were doing. While driving, he came up with these amazing lines of a song, Hey Jules Don't take it bad, take a sad song and make it better... using Jules as some sort of cute nickname for Julian. Although he thought that Jules was cute he wasn't satisfied with it. He figured that he would think about it when he's back at home. When Cynthia opened the door, Paul's heart ached. She looked so sad, everything was taken out from under her so suddenly without warning. She welcomed him in and lead him to the living room where Julian was drawing picture after picture. When Julian looked up, he was so excited to see Paul- he hadn't seen him for a long while. He got up and ran into Paul's arms. Cynthia told Paul that she'll make some more tea and went to the kitchen. Paul and Julian rough up a bit playfully, tickling and rolling on the floor. They stopped when Cynthia came in with a tray of a pot of tea and two cups. Paul told Julian to continue on with his drawings so that he could choose a picture to take with him. Julian obliged and got on it. Paul sat on the couch with Cynthia and accepted a cup of tea.
      "How are you doing?" Paul asked, with full concern in his voice.
      "I have good days and bad, I'm still upset, but taking one day at a time," said Cynthia, with a small smile.
      "That's good, during me ride over here, I wrote a little diddle for Julian in sympathy and encouragement," said Paul, "I'm still working on the lyrics out and hopefully I could play it for you and Julian one day"
      "That's sounds wonderful!" said Cynthia, smiling and taking a sip of tea.
      They stopped talking to see how Julian was doing on his drawing for Paul. Paul went over to Julian to see if there's anything he could do to help. Julian told him that there's no need to help, yet he may watch. Cynthia sat back on the couch, watching Paul oversee Julian's work. Her mind went crazy with thoughts, especially her divorce and Julian. So far, Julian thinks that his dad is out in the studio. He hasn't even met Yoko yet. Then her thoughts turned around, while watching Paul and Julian, Why couldn't John be more like Paul towards Julian? Every time Paul comes over, he immediately gets into a playful rumble with Julian while John would be standing at the doorway, disapproving the fact that Paul is playing rather than working. At least John should've joined them! John always felt that Julian didn't love him too much as he wished and knew very well that it was really because he's been away touring with the Beatles. Cynthia remembered that during a boat cruise to Greece last year that Paul and Julian were playing Cowboys and Indians and John looked on the sidelines, watching them in amazement. He even went over to Paul and asked how he did it, how could he play with a little kid? Apparently, Paul was more child-oriented than John was. Meanwhile, Cynthia was truly touched that Paul was very affectionate towards Julian. Although both John and Cynthia refer Paul as 'Uncle' Paul to Julian, Cynthia secretly thought that Paul was more fatherly towards Julian. The thought had disappointed her yet at the same time, at least Julian had some sort of father-figure in his life. In her heart, she knew that after this divorce is finish, John and Julian will never have a father-son relationship that all three of them craved. She knew that, although this pained and comforted her at the same time, Paul will always be there for Julian- maybe not every day, month, or year, but she knew that Paul will always carry care for Julian in his thoughts.
      "Finished!" cried Julian, proud that his work of art was done and handed it to Paul.
      "Oh! How lovely! I just know where to put this, I'll frame it and put it in my entry hall of my home where EVERYONE could see it, how's that boy?"
      "Yay!" said Julian, getting up and then running up to his room. After all that work he's done, he deserved a nap!
      "This is really a lovely drawing," said Paul, getting up from the floor and heading towards that couch and showing Cynthia the drawing.
      "My my, this is lovely. Well, he does have two parents as artists," she said, with a sadness in her voice while she looked over the drawing of a big heart surrounded by stars, suns, and moons.
      "I'm sorry," said Paul
      "No, no, it's okay, really, it is painful, however I must put up a braver front, I have a son to think about," said Cynthia. She put her tea on the table, lean over, putting her elbows on her knees and her head into her hands. Trying to take a break from it all.
      Paul didn't really know what to do, he himself is hurt. His best friend is crazy enough to dump this beautiful woman. Paul scooted over next to Cynthia and put his arm around her in sympathy. Cynthia started to cry, Paul tug Cynthia a bit for her to cry on his shoulder, letting her know that she as someone to lean on with a shoulder to cry. They both lean back on the couch, Cynthia cried on Paul's shoulder. Paul was silent, his heart went out to Cynthia and Julian. He couldn't really say anything, yet he didn't need to, Cynthia knew.

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