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Beatrice Milly McCartney

the first photo of Beatrice Milly McCartney with her parents, taken by her Uncle, Mike McCartney Official Press Statement from Paul and Heather: Beatrice Milly McCartney 30.10.2003
      Heather and Paul McCartney are delighted to announce the birth of their baby daughter, Beatrice Milly McCartney, who was born in London on 28th October at 8.45pm by Caesarean section. The baby, who arrived three weeks early, weighed in at a healthy 7lbs and both she and Mum are doing well.
      Paul and Heather are ecstatic with the news. They said "She is a little beauty and we couldn't be prouder". She is named after Heather's mother Beatrice and Paul's auntie Milly. They added "Our immediate family were told the news right away and are all as overjoyed as we are at the early arrival of our little bundle of joy."

Paul, Heather and Beatrice
In response to the vast amounts of negative comments (by press and Beatlefans alike) directed towards Heather when she had just given birth to Paul's daughter Beatrice, a fellow Beatlegirl appreciator created a place where postive comments could be left for the family. Please click on the picture of the family to visit the guestbook.

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