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The Magic Christian

Lobby Cards

Lawrence Harvey and the entire cast in a memorable performance of Hamlet.  It's a question of 'to strip or not to strip. . .' Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr, that irreverant, irrelevant father and son team, about to start 'Operation Grouse Shoot' - the modern way! Peter Sellers, and sisters, with Ringo Starr are getting it ready for you . . .and a little worse off you'll be! It's just the ticket . . . as Ringo Starr and peter Sellers 'persuade' Traffic Warden Spike Milligan he has made a mistake. Ringo Starr, Peter Sellers and the Oxford and Cambridge 'Old Boys'.  The boat race will never be the same again! Dr. leonard Frey and Roland Culver hold a lengthy discussion, watched by those really 'Grand Guys' - Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr Captain of the S.S. Magic Christian, Wilfred Hyde White with the resident ships vampire . . .Christopher Lee - of course! IN!  OUT!  Raquel Welch, in the 'engine room' of The MAGIC CHRISTIAN' with motive power supplied by topless maidens!

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